Monday, March 28, 2011

Employment, Then and Now

Employment 1960
  • Be loyal and your company will take care of you.
  • Sacrifice for your company and you will always have a job and be advanced.
  • Get a college degree.
  • Stay with the same company and work hard.
  • A pension and full health coverage are expected benefits.
  • Quality is job one.
  • You are valued on merit.
  • You are a family member.
  • Blondie.
  • The company does not believe in layoffs.
  • Our policy is to pay for performance.
  • You get a bonus to stay.
  • Accountability.

Employment 2011
  • Be dedicated to your task, but loyal only to your friends and family.
  • Be committed but not crazy.
  • A degree is nice, but who you know is more valuable.
  • To advance or get a raise you'll need to move; many times.
  • You get some help with healthcare and a 401k, after that you're on your own.
  • Make your dates even if you have to cut corners; no one ever got fired for making a deadline. We have insurance and a legal department for mistakes.
  • It is better to be lucky than good.
  • Hello, employee #1741349.
  • Dilbert.
  • Don't let the door hit you in the ass.
  • Failure is rewarded.
  • You get a bonus to retire early.
  • Plausible deniability.

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