Saturday, April 29, 2006

Time for Song

Hacking and methodologies and pointy-haired-manager busting and SQL and language wars and best practices and requirements gathering and testing and bugs and dealing with spaghetti code and arbitrary deadlines and corporate America and viruses and still trying to fit time in for family and gaming and reading. Whew.

Take a break and enjoy a song from eccentric folk singer Johnathan Coulton. This one's called Code Monkey and it's hilarious. That it works on several levels (poking fun at programmers and their struggles with management, social ineptness, and dreams of success) might be genius, or it might be serendipity.

Either way, the song is catchy and this page includes a link to the song, Coulton's song notes, and feedback from several listeners. Elsewhere on his site you can also find the lyrics. The only thing I would have changed is the song's reference to "Tab and Mountain Dew." In my universe, it would be "Code Red Mountain Dew."

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